Winner - Art Venice Biennale 2013
Clint Imboden

ammobox hass

ammunition belt

eight ball

dug#1-7 2010

Current Verson Name V-2

chesse box #5

cheese box #3

box #3

cheese box #57

as the night continued 7

cheese box #31 Version-3

reflections 2011-2013

skating prosthesis

sherwood commission

soul installation germany

soul installation SF

orange baseball gernade hass

sphere #2 and #3

we light candles for our dead


The Biennial Project is proud to introduce the first of our two 2013 Art Venice Biennale Grand Prize Winners - Clint Imboden, a California-based multimedia artist with a diverse catalogue of compelling work. As good red-blooded Americans, we were first seduced by his gorgeous series of resin-based pieces titled Colors of War. Luscious, candy-colored, lethal. Perfection. This series proved to be just the beginning of Clint’s strong and provocative body of work. Feast your eyes on these images from his extensive installation history as well as his just delightfully demented individual sculptural pieces. Also check out his web site.