Ask Us A Question

Lanjar asks: art for What?

Joan asks: why do I want to be just like you?

Allie asks: What is the most important to teach young art students?

Karen asks: I'm over 60, sold my paintings in galleries all my life. For 20 years I painted theatre sets part time(12-24 weeks a year) I can't physically do that any more, and all my gallery spaces have closed. How do I find my market?

Fernando asks:

(A different) Karen asks: My question is how to get a teaching job it all require previous experience teaching? My CV got a little interrupted because I had two kids and now that I want to start again, I feel I don't know where to start.

Moya asks: I have had a few commercial galleries carry my work and have shown at numerous non profits, including regional museums nationally over the last 2 decades. I can never seem to break through to making a living from art and now teach for my living. What's the problem?

Michael asks: Okay, I am a self-obsessed neurotic goofball who likes a good laugh, but I am also very serious. Is this artist helpline a joke, something serious or something in between?

Brandon asks: Hello, I find is SO difficult to insure that I get real credit, my name and job title,listed correctly! I work as a hard working Master Printmaker and Artist ... How can I get this to happen without it being some Issue!!!! I can't seem to get away from the fact that being a woman is making this Even more challenging!!! Thanks for this forum and I look forward to your thoughts! Warmly, Brandon

Victor asks: Why do I cry in the face of pain of pain or beauty? It makes it hard to carry on a conversation. Someone mentioned Frieda Kahlo the other day. Gulp. Someone showed me his scars from being shot in war. Gulp. I guess I am learning to suck it up and wipe my eyes and stay. How do you do it? Do you say, excuse me, I am emotional. Time again for dopamine reuptake inhibitors?

KJ asks: Is it bad of me to not want to spend the money on going out for dinner? Because the whole time I'm thinking of what kind of Art supplies I could be buying with that money. I mean come on! Your joy on that dinner only last one night, the artwork you could make with that money could last forever.

Meg asks: I'm 64 - so looking at retirement in the near future. Any tips people have found using senior status? Also, is this question thing new? Or do you have a list of FAQ somewhere?

Mike asks: How can I be less famous and less successful as an artist? I am a contrarian and find it offensive that no one is vying to "own" the opposite pole of success...

Marjorie asks: How is it that you are so goshdarned awesome???? You make it easier to cope with the freaking asspain of having to do something other than making art just by existing. And I mean that. This is STELLAR!!!!!

Alec asks: OK, dudes, I know you are famous now and everything, but why won't Eric return my texts?

Jonathon asks: You guys have suggested "sucking up" to curators to get ahead. How literally am I to take this?

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