Boston Biennial 4 - Finalist Video Gallery

Kent Anderson Butler

Break and Remake    Jurors Choice
martha mccollough

Collage image and text

NANOSKETCH #4 Interweaves in-between
Meredith Brice

NANOSKETCH #4 Interweaves in-between imagines the sounds of atomic collisions and the perceptible language of atoms 'speaking'; the possibility of audible conversations across the invisible thresholds in the 'fabric' of nano-materiality.

Can I Have a Cigarette?
Megan-Leigh Heilig

The Artist’s Studio_Migration as Art    Jurors Choice
Stephen Copland

Goya said of his work: “Imagination, deserted by reason, begets impossible monsters. United with reason, she is the mother of all arts, and the source of their wonders”. (Studio diary 2012)

The Southern Ocean Studies
Tom Corby

The project consists of a screen-based installation driven by live and archived climate data. Documentation shows the Southern Ocean circulating the Antarctic landmass run from specialist software. Geophysical data couplings mesh in real time, to produce flickering constellations of images of environmental change, derived from the global mechanics of climate monitoring. More:

What are Indians good for?
Chantal Dahan

Albert Dumont (an Algonquin Anishinabeg First Nations poet who grew up in Pontiac County, Quebec, Canada) recounts a disturbing childhood school incident about racism towards his people which, over time, has reinforced his pride in his cultural heritage. (With French subtitles)

She Looks
Nick Di Stefano

Snow Yunxue Fu

In Figment, rendered clouds and mountains, with their mediated counterparts, contemplate contemporary technological society’s relationship with the natural world. Layers of a metaphoric relationship with the moving images emerge – clouds are synonymous with digital culture, landscapes are realistically depicted stationary but are constructed.

Mundus Patet
Eduardo Herrera

Mundus Patet , tries to describe the way I feel my inner world, to do that I've chosen an ancient celtic/etruscan/roman riatual: the Mundus Patet is not a permormative video, it's sciamanic videoart, the elements are important to its purpose; water, colours (in this case: blue) landscapes, man, and chairs.

The Shufflebackfuck
Dee Hood

a country without forward

Altered Spaces    Jurors Choice
Dee Hood

Experimental video exploring the complex and multilayered terrain of mind and memory

It's a process
Dee Hood

It's all about the process.

Licht    Jurors Choice
Nelleke bosland

The video installation is site-specific and filling space. They are 2 projections that with the right-bottom corner and an upper left are in communication with each other. Seemingly are two different videos with the same formal aspects. However, that is not the case. The videos are identical but each with its own beginning and end.

Wayne Madsen This is a web based artwork exploring the intersection of generative algorithmic design with user interaction. Using perlin noise allows the artwork to achieve natural, controlled randomness. This piece unfolds in a unique visual every time it is run.

REM    Jurors Choice
Scott Mallory

Investigating the stages of dreamspace, and how the conscious and subconscious may connect through dreams. REM showed at the TED2016 "Dream" conference.

Inverted Universe
Scott Mallory

In search of meaning, the subject navigates a paradoxical vacuum whose exit is its own entrance, with no way out. Yet the subject persists.

Blind Ambition    Jurors Choice
Anne Murray

Blind Ambition is a reaction to the hundreds of rejections that artists receive each year from applications. It includes me reading the rejection letters along with images from a dirty car window as I road through the countryside of Macedonia contemplating my future as an artist.

Home is a Privilege
Anne Murray

Home is a Privilege is created as an emotional response to the current mass exodus of refugees from Syria who are now barred from entry into the United States because of a recent executive order created by President Trump.

Mohamed Nour

Bodhisattva: Compound word formed from bodhi (spiritual awakening, enlightenment) and sattva (a being, essence, spirit) Glitch art/ Audio-visual

Skeletons of The God
Katarina Rasic

"Skeletons of The God" stands as symbolic representation of constant flux and change. In this video Rasic has captured morning after Visarjan (farewell), on the Mumbai beach Juhu, immersion ceremony of idols of lord Ganesha into the water, that happens once a year. This farewell represents lord Ganeshas merging with the ocean of consciousness.

Trust In Us
Clare Robertson

Giff work part of the Automated Luxury series, played on loop as an online artwork or projection. Critique of society and neoliberalism, inspired by Mark Fisher's - Capitalist realism, is there no alternative?

Erica Schreiner

Shot on VHS, this catalogs the arch and dynamics of a relationship through symbolic storytelling.

Jill Taffet

STRINGS is drawn in 3D space. It is a abstract animation inspired by String Theory, where all matter in the universe is thought to be made of infinitesimally small strings.

Television (standard definition)
Brian Glaze

Television is meant to bring the viewer back to a time when TV stations would broadcast within a certain duration of each day ending with broadcast "bars and tones." The composition starts out with the normal broadcast color bars and tones that slowly transform in color adjusted static bars and audio that modulates over time.

The Day The Sun Did Not Rise
Megan-Leigh Heilig

This short video art piece explores the current environment of Islamophobia, terrorist rhetoric, and the fear which is bred by the global warming, extremist right wing conservatives, news channels coming from places like England, Europe and America commercializing the fear of millions. The password to view the video is 24101993

The Thing
Shahar Tuchner

An unidentified object is put inside an ostrich ranch and disturbs its peacefulness.The ostriches follow the object in an amused,curious and frightened dance,attempting to figure out how it should be treated, until they destroy it in play or self defense.The ostriches' treatment of the object may be viewed as an analogy to people's treatment of strangers,immigrants and members of other cultures.

Fly    Jurors Choice
Shahar Tuchner

the video shows children playing with a propellor hat, attempting to take off as if they were super heroes. The video expresses the children's wish to be heroes and shows kids imaginative belief that they could actually fly, as part of the game. The animals represent the population in need of the super heroes help, and also seem to be excited, and eager to see the brave kids in action.

Two story train
martha mccollough


ants in the legs    Jurors Choice
Danielle Zorbas

ANTS IN THE LEGS is an absurdist alien pop image agency of decentered fiction science ‘healthy lifestyle choice’ scenarios, abstracting the mimetic data economy spectacle.
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