Boston Online Biennial

by the-biennial-project 1. March 2011 17:41

Ever dreamed of having your work seen by the international art elites at the prestigious Venice Biennale?  Here’s your chance. 

The Biennial Project, world-renowned artist collaborative is putting on a show.  And what a show.

Open to all artists world wide working in any medium, the first ever Boston Online Biennial will be a platform for participating artists to have their work seen and recignized by a large and varied internation audience.

All selected work will be displayed in our website gallery and in a blog posting that reaches an audience of 2,000.

Additionally  particpants work will be included in a digital art display to be shown at The Biennial Project's VIP opening reception for the 2011 Venice Bienniale.

Prizes will include cash awards, a solo gallery show on our website, and a solo blog posting of 15 pieces or his/her work to an audience of 2,000.


Our Biennials

Fan of the Month 02/11 - Victor Peterson

by the-biennial-project 14. February 2011 17:09


Hey kids, rock and roll, Happy Goddamned February!  In the spirit of the month, we have selected Mr. Victor Peterson as The Biennial Project’s Fan of the Month for February.  There was really no choice about it – Victor put the competition to shame by sending us, by Actual Snail Mail (who knew they still had that?) a good old-fashioned Fan Letter.  And what a fan letter it is.  We don’t think we could truly do it justice by describing it, so here it is in it’s entirety, in Victor’s original hand-writing.  We’re good,   but no way even we could make this up...

Salmeron_posterfor Paul1_Page_2 copy

Salmeron_posterfor Paul1_Page_1 copy

Salmeron_posterfor Paul1_Page_3 copy

Salmeron_posterfor Paul1_Page_4 copy

Of course when we got this letter, we immediately blew it up poster size and used our contacts to get it put it up in a Chic Downtown Gallery Space here in Boston. During the opening, who should walk in but Mr. Victor Peterson Himself – so we prevailed upon him to pose in front of his now famous Fan Letter.  Talk about your post-modern-irony-and-layers-of-self-reference-type situation!

photo 3 copy

And come to find out, when we perused our archives, we had previous video documentation of our now number one fan – aka Person Aroused by Anna….


Victor, here’s to you, and here’s hoping you get that gig curating majors shows that you so obviously deserve!!!!!!!!!  We’ll be waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Kisses, TBP


Fan of the Month

Global Biennialism Digest January 2011

by the-biennial-project 26. January 2011 16:33

Hi Fans! Welcome to the third installment of Global Biennialism Digest – the feature  in which we search far and wide for the most up-to-the minute info about the coolest Biennial Exhibits out there,  and provide links related to submission opportunities, exhibition dates, and interesting biennial reviews, as well as fun sites that delve into the biennialism phenomenon.

We Love letters from our readers, especially ones with suggestions on how to improve our Biennial Coverage. We reicieved a letter from Luciana Capuano Massine from Brazil as to why we did not cover The San Paulo Biennial 10 which was going on at the very moment I was writing the last update .We would love to cover each and every Biennial but that would require way too much time and focus. This is not a comprehensive report and our mind flies in many different directions being that we are world renown artists and all. Luciana, we at The Biennial Project would love to hear your impression of the San Paulo Biennial if you had a chance to see it. Seriously!! The same goes to all our fans. If you happen to catch a biennial, big or small tell us what you thought of it and maybe, just maybe we will include you in future Global Biennial Digests. We look forward to hearing from you!!!

Back to our report!!!!!

Going RIGHT NOW until the end of February is The 8th Shanghai Biennale. I would give you the link but it does not seem to be working. I read here why from Lauren Mack who is a freelance journalist located in Taipei.

‘It appears the Shanghai Biennale’s official website has been temporarily blocked worldwide (presumably by Chinese authorities who have been cracking down on artists recently. Over the weekend artist Ai Weiwei was put under house arrest, which prevented him from attending an event at his gallery in Shanghai). Once the website is back up, I will post a note on the Blog. The links I have here will once again work once the Shanghai Biennale’s official site is back online. I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

This really seems to suck big time!!

Anyhow this biennale asks the question of who is controlling the direction economically and politically of contemporary art? Is it the artists or the Art Market? In China it appears to be the ruling government. We at the Biennial project wish we had finished our submission for the Shanghai's Biennale on time because questions of controls the art world is what we want to know Whose ass should we really plant our ruby red lips on? Maybe in some manner we have already contributed to this dialogue. Here is an interesting article we found of an interview of a BANK involved in this Biennale.

Such an interesting interview for a Biennial that is being held in a communist country which denies freedom of expression but uses the free market for economic profitability!!! Maybe its time too put down the chopsticks and stick them with our forks.

If you want to see really big art in a really big way be sure to check out The Texas Biennial, which is a project of Big Medium (cute) a non-profit based in Austin. All of the artists were chosen from Texas, the home state of Biennial Project member and world renowned Art Rock Star Laura Rollins (currently residing in Greenwich, CT). This Biennial is slated to open in Austin Texas April 15. Somehow this only seems right for a state that votes to not pay taxes. Did you know that Austin is the only major Texas City that has no ordinance against women appearing topless in public? "Keep Austin Weird" has become a local motto. We at The Biennial Project encourage you to attend this event and catch sight of strange bosoms. Road trip to Marfa anyone?




Global Biennialism Digest

Hans is in the house!!!

by the-biennial-project 16. January 2011 16:15

Hans van Meeuwen wins inaugural Boston Online Biennial

Well….when The Biennial Project began planning our fabulous trip to participate in the 54th Venice Biennale we knew we would be successful—but who could have imagined the extent of our smashing success as The Biennial Project and their entourage of glitterati took the Big V by stormjQuery15204912018298466718_1342912544030?!!!! Suffice it to say that we were surrounded by art rock stars of all shapes, sizes, and nationalities….but few could hold a candle to our own Hans van Meeuwen—the first place winner of the inaugural Boston Online Biennial.

vanMeeuwenH10_drawing vanMeeuwenH10_drawing

Originally hailing from Rotterdam in The Netherlands, Hans moved to Germany in 1991 and then to New York in 2004—he currently lives in Brooklyn. He has exhibited extensively in Europe and in New York.

vanMeeuwenH01_AMansHeight vanMeeuwenH11_Table vanMeeuwenH13_SergeBernierReading

In 2008 he showed at New York’s Christinerose Gallery which was reviewed in (wait for it….) ART IN AMERICA, my bitches!!!!!! This alone officially make Hans Art World Royalty.

        vanMeeuwenH08_drawing                       vanMeeuwenH07_Langnek

His work capitalizes greatly on elements of scale coupled with a deadpan dry wit. The pieces are often fanciful if not dreamlike, evoking a surreal and mysterious presence (giant CHICKEN FEET outside your tent, anyonejQuery15208885680774870383_1342912735453?)



Though he has created public art pieces and installation, even his sculptures have an installation-esque quality. They seem like smaller parts of a larger whole which invites the viewer to interject his/her own narrative—explainations for what frequently appear to be extraordinary or paranormal phenomena.


        vanMeeuwenH02_Spookrijder                                 vanMeeuwenH09_SweetPotato





December Fan of the Month

by the-biennial-project 9. December 2010 13:21

As usual, The Biennial Project has been busy.   Just two weeks ago we jaunted down to NYC to visit galleries and attend tony openings, all the while keeping an eye on possibilities to advance our Important Work.  We participated in many Prestigious Gallery Shows while there, and will have more on that for you soon.  But in the meantime, we wanted to introduce you to our newest Hip Avant-Garde Artist Friend.


His name is Russ Underlab (that’s Mr Underlab to you), and we met him while visiting the New Museum of Contemporary Art in the Fashionably Edgy Lower East Side to work on collaborations with many of the Big-Name Artists showing there.  He works there, and is himself a Big-Name Artist whose Chelsea Show just closed.

russ1 copy

We hit it off fabulously. Honestly, the Cognoscenti just always seem to GET us!  Now we’re planning collaborations with him too, and he is of course coming to Venice with us this summer for 54th Venice Biennale Villa Experience .  He even likes all the same things we do, including Johnny Cash, Anselm Keifer, and Wikileaks.  Most importantly, he makes a mean Rum Ball.

Russ Underlab truly deserves his place as The Biennial Project December Fan of the Month 2010!!!  Now do Russ proud, Esteemed Fan Base, and FACEBOOK THE FUCK OUT OF THIS POST!

And by all means, check out his Cool Website - RussUnderlabWebSite, and his Excellent Facebook PageRussUnderlabFacebook.


Fan of the Month

Biennial Project hangin’ w/ our buds the Starns…on the roof of the Met

by the-biennial-project 9. November 2010 16:44

Well…it goes without saying that the Center of the Art World is NYC—that is New York City and specifically the glamorous rooftop of the Met—that is the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  And…it goes without saying that where the Center of the Art World lies, The Biennial Project is sure to be seen…especially if it means mingling with Fellow Art World  Gliteratti Doug and Mike Starn in and around their awesome installation Big Bambu.

Shown here slurping yummy martinis at our Very Special V.I.P. Meeting with da boyz is Biennial Project member Laura Rollins who shares the same birth year as Doug and Mike as well as fellowship as an alum of the prestigious School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  Ahhhhh the elbow rubbing we must indure…..


Starnes Met photo


Play The Biennial Project Game

by the-biennial-project 21. September 2010 16:55

We told you we’d get around to making you famous too, didn’t we?  Well, that day has come! At the most recent of our many Glamorous High-Level Art Receptions, we unveiled the hot new Biennial Project Game, in which contestants vie for valuable prizes by completing the provocative and conceptually complex sentence What I #?!@ About The Biennial Project!BP017_RJ




And although the many Important Art World Movers and Shakers amongst our guests had trouble at first pulling themselves away from our Absorbing And Well-Crafted Wall Art,


     once they got going they loved it!BP030_RJ







Check out the excerpts from this Fun-Filled Evening below, and be on the lookout for The Biennial Project Game to appear again where ever the Coolest People can be found!


Excellent Art Photos Courtesy our Outstanding Webmaster Paul K. Weiner


Save the date!

by the-biennial-project 2. July 2010 17:43

bp aug 5

You’ve been following the Biennial Project’s fun-filled international high jinx for months….now comes the payoff!!  Come and join us for our REPORT BACK FROM THE VENICE BIENNALE AND WHITNEY BIENNIAL!


Venice Biennale Campaigns

Fan of the Month – Gary Carrion-Muyayari – 6/2010

by the-biennial-project 4. June 2010 16:41

     The last year has been just an amazing time for us here at The Biennial Project!  From Venice to the Whitney to Worcester, we have participated in some of the world’s most celebrated art extravaganzas, and hobnobbed with some pretty special (did we say famous?) folks. There were so many memorable moments! 

     But the highlight of it all would have to be our personal private meeting in February with brand new super good friend Gary Carrion-Muyayari at the Members and VIP’s Only Opening of the 2010 Whitney BiennialGary was understandably busy that day, and was available for photo opps with only the most important of the many important artists and big shots there, so this meeting was such an honor.  Oh, the excitement – all we can say is that this is truly what art is all about!!! 


     But alas, as all that is flesh must fade away, even Really Prestigious Biennial Exhibits must come to an end.  With the closing of Gary’s Biennial last week, we wanted to salute our special friend as The Biennial Project Fan of the Month.  The world may forget you Gary, but we never will.  Gary Carrion-Muyayari, art lover, noted curator, cute 28 year old, Biennial Project Fan, here’s to you!



The Biennial Project at the 2010 Whitney Biennial – Part One

by the-biennial-project 1. March 2010 16:27

Just back from our wildly successful appearance at the 2010 Whitney Biennial! We had so much fun-



giving lovely Biennial Project Gift Baskets to our friends the curators – Francesco Bonami and Gary Carrion-Muyayari ,


 whitneyfeb24,2010 001_edited-1


  having photos taken with curator Gary Carrion-Muyayari ,



meeting with various dignitaries,

bp4  b1_edited-1 a14_edited-1

getting our important word out,


 a4_edited-1  bp8b6_edited-1


and reviewing the show for the BPP (Biennial Project Press).

 a20_edited-1bp3  bp2 


Unfortunately, there was some kind of mix-up with the invite list to the exclusive VIP premier party -



and we were denied entry!



Asked to leave!  Asked more firmly to leave!  Escorted out!  Removed from our hiding place in the women's bathroom! Watch the outrage of the art-loving public!



Ah well, tomorrow is another day.....

(check back soon for more fun Whitney footage!)


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