Fan of the Month July 2012

by the-biennial-project 8. July 2012 17:23



This month’s Fan of the Month is one of the coolest artists around – Kelly Jo Shows. She’s really just too amazing, and if she weren’t also so super nice we would be kinda jealous of her. OK, we admit, we are still jealous of her, but in a good way.                  


She lives in one of The Biennial Project’s Favorite Towns – Kennebunk Maine (a frequent vacation spot for creative types like us), and she has the house and studio of our dreams. It’s totally gorgeous, and chock full of her awesome artwork. And she has rabbits! And ducks!



She has this cool series of paintings called “Sole of the Artist". Here’s how she describes them: “This is a unique and untraditional collection of portraits. Rather than focusing on the face of the artist, I'm painting different scale images of their shoes. Shoes tell a lot about a person and they speak volumes about the lives we lead. They develop a character over the years & become a visual roadmap to the experiences you have had and the places you have traveled. I'm interested in capturing that character.”



                                                                                                         She’s painted lots of interesting artist’s shoes – including some really famous ones! (Not that things like that matter to us here at Biennial Project Productions, but if they did, how about Ed Ruscha and William Wegman for starters?) And, you guessed it, The Biennial Project is proud to be counted among the soles that Kelly Jo has collected! Check out the BEAUTIFUL painting at the lower left – or BETTER YET, meet Kelly Jo and see this gorgeous paintingat the upcoming Bizarre Artist Happenings presented by The Biennial Project opening July 19th at Atlantic Works Gallery!






Here’s to you Kelly Jo –

ridiculously talented artist,

super cool person,

animal lover,

and Biennial Project Fan!



Check out more of Kelly Jo’s work at:


And don’t forget to come to The Show of the Season!

Invite to Bizarre Artist Happenings









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Impressions of the 2012 Whitney Biennial

by the-biennial-project 21. May 2012 12:38

Hey Kids!

This weeks post is a two-for-one value: a mash-up of two ongoing Biennial Project features - All-Things-Whitney and Fan-of the Month.

First off, we would like to introduce you to our friend, collaborator, webmaster, and spectacular photographer Paul Weiner.

Paul performs a fantastic service for both us and our many readers - he writes the software for our award-winning web site and blog!

He is also an amazing photographer who specializes in shooting portraits of artists in their studios -using only a small flashlight to “paint the picture” in a totally dark room. He shoots on film and does no digital manipulation of the images.

Since he is constantly working with artists and observing their processes in detail for his portraits, we thought our readers would enjoy reading his take on the 2012 Whitney Biennial.

BYW, The Whitney Biennial closes this weekend - so get down there to see it now and tell them your friends at The Biennial Project sent you - they'll like that!


Paul’s artwork:

  "Night Vision" by Paul Weiner

"Klean" by Paul Weiner


Impressions of the 2012 Whitney Biennial

Last weekend I visited the 2012 Whitney Biennial to enjoy the latest in contemporary American art. At the request of my friends at The Biennial Project, I’m sharing my impressions.  The museum was closing in a few hours so I decided to concentrate on viewing the non-video art.

Performance2"Run, Mary, Run" by Rashida Bumbray

The first gallery I saw had an assortment of tightly packed metal frames and wood building materials. Perhaps some construction work was taking place? I would investigate later since I wanted to see “Run, Mary, Run” by the Dance Diaspora Collective. This high-energy, gospel, dance performance was inspirational and it was hard to leave, but I needed to see other parts of the biennial before the Whitney closed. I was thinking that if the artwork were even half as good as the performance, this would be an exciting exhibition.

Tuazon Oscar Tuazon

The first exhibition room had messy liquids scattered on a plastic sheet across the floor. Hmmm, a work in progress. Another space was filled with boxes, TVs and a bed. With no one there, it looked like a storage area. Around the corner was a small object covered with oatmeal attached near the bottom of a wall. I was beginning to think that this must be a special exhibit, perhaps still being installed, so I asked the guard which floor the biennial exhibition was on. He said that the entire museum, except for parts of the top floor, was the 2012 Biennial.

Sam-LewittSam Lewitt

Normally, I like to interpret my art without reading the artist statements (which is sometimes better than the art and does not always relate to the art!). This is, however, often necessary for conceptual art in which the ideas are as important as the esthetics and emotional impact of the artwork. So, I carefully read the statements.

Dawn-KasperDawn Kasper

It then became clear what I had seen. The “construction” exhibit on the first floor was by Oscar Tuazon. He uses modular parts and building materials to represent spaces we inhabit. The “storage room” was gallery space in which Dawn Kasper had moved her studio and bedroom. She was living there during the exhibition but unfortunately was not there during my visit. The small sculpture on the wall was an oatmeal covered weed trimmer by Michael Smith. Finally, the “messy display” on the floor was an installation in progress by Sam Levitt of ferrofluid material that resists representation.

JuttaKoether - The Seasons "The Seasons" by Jutta Koether

I visited other parts of the Biennial and reinforced my initial impression of a grim, post-apocalyptic world where artists, because of scarcity of funding, made relatively small art with found objects and inexpensive materials. Survival was too difficult to worry much about matters outside of economic crises (photos of LaToya Ruby Frazier) or distractions such as perverse sex (collages and drawings of Richard Hawkins).

Latoya-Ruby-Frazier---Corporate-Exploitation-and-Economic-Inequality!"Corporate Explotation and Economic Inequality" by LaToya Ruby Frazier

The main exception to this post-apocalyptic vision was the work of Forrest Bess. His work was optimistic and peaceful. Art, throughout his life, remained a search for truth and his painting was a means in which “the individual may be come keyed into the Eternal." (2) Many of these paintings were direct renditions of his visions, unfiltered by his conscious mind. It was ironic that an abstract painting I liked very much and thought tranquil was titled “Bodies of Little Dead Children”. Bess had a life of many hardships. He had suffered from mental illness (diagnosed in his later years as paranoid schizophrenia), cancer and alcoholism. Pictures of his self-mutilated genitals were included in the exhibit.

\Richard-Hawkins-- Richard Hawkins

Art that “present perceptual embodiments of important ideas--not only ideas about existential phenomena, such as death, envy, love, and fame, but also conceptions of other-worldly things, such as heaven and hell” (1) were absent from much of the non-video work I looked at. The work was often either devoid of underlying thought (other than the specific intent of the artist) or mostly conceptual.

Bess-Complete-Freedom"Complete Freedom" by Forrest Bess

The dynamic performances and videos did provide a balance, but surely there must be other artists who keep with the intended themes of the curators to balance those in the show and still provide the ambiguity of interpretation in their artwork that is part of great artwork that holds its power across diverse generations.

So, rush to see any remaining performances and the videos. Take the time to read the artist statements and don’t expect to escape the concerns and problems of the outside world.

Paul Weiner
May 22, 2012

1. Michelle Marder, “Art and Cognition: Mimesis vs. the Avant Garde”, Aristos, December 2004.

2. Michael Ennis, “His Name Was Forrest Bess”, Texas Monthly, June 1982,

3. Artists mentioned who are featured on The Biennial Project Whitney Biennial artist cards:





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November Fan of the Month….REVEALED!!!!

by the-biennial-project 16. November 2011 08:40

As all of the Biennial Project Fan Faithful know, The Biennial Project has made a career of Unapologetic-Shameless-Self-Serving-Promotion to get to the place where we are today! We have climbed and clawed ourselves over the backs of any artist, any art-viewing-poser and of course and above all else any critic or naysayer who deemed it appropriate to stand in our way!! And voila! Here we stand—poised to climb atop the heap that is the pinnacle of the art world.


But, it is now November….and whether or not it is due to being bombarded by turkey and dressing ads and commercials since before Labor Day (after all, we must always serve our staying-current-with-all-things media-bound muse at the end of the day ) we, The Biennial Project, must join Regis and Kelly, Kathy Lee and Hoda and of course The Ladies of the View to give pause and be thankful!!


For every now and then…once in the bluest of blue blue moons you have the great fortune to cross paths with a really remarkable person…..

Someone who you just CLICK with….

Someone who laughs at your jokes (yes, ALL of them!!!)….

Someone who (CORRECTLY) thinks that you are brilliant….

You know, someone who just GETS you….

And this person fires on all of the above cylinders without monetary or sexual remuneration !!!

In The Biennial Project’s case we have had the blessing of experiencing this type of relationship with not one but TWO remarkable persons at the same time!!!

Both are multi-faceted artists in their own rights….


He, according to reknowned Blues Blogger Georgetown Fats, wears many hats-- journalist, columnist, vocalist, guitarist, southern gentleman-- in order to keep his music going. He is probably best recognized as the frontman for his band, Scissormen though in the past year he can add “movie star” to the list since starring in the well-received latest indie documentary by Robert Mugge--“BigShoes: Walking and Talking the Blues.”


She is an accomplished musician and photographer but most recently devotes her noteworthy artistic energies to being CEO, President, and Creative Head Honcho of Pets Rules Jewels—a kick-ass-fun-and-funky custom jewelry company that specializes in creating one of-a-kind pieces featuring images of your own very special best furry friends!! Pets Rule Jewels also has contributed to such wonderful causes as Greyhound and other canine rescue efforts.

BOTH of these individuals have been known to worship REGULARLY at The Temple of The Biennial Project (and let’s face it, that alone is something to get ANYONE some requisite Fan Of The Month brownie points!!!)

He, after reading one of our many blog posts/Constant Contact blasts, was known to remark:

“ I love reading these. The tone is taught and funny, the art world humor great, the take on aesthetics and modern culture is spot on. You guys rock!”

No WONDER we think he is AWESOME!!!

starnes photo

She hand-makes every AMAZING pair of Biennial Project earrings that you see featured all throughout our photography and video oeuvre…..and oh, by the way, YOU TOO can own a pair of these ROCKING ART ROCK STAR EARRINGS!!!! Just contact her!

They are the parents of the rescued and much-loved Dolly the Dog and are just in general SUPER COOL.

So it is with MUCH FANFARE (cue major drum rolls) and ADMIRATION that we tip our collective Biennial Project Hats to the November Fans of the Month…..






Catch the Red Hot Smokin’ Guitar String Shreddin’ ScissormenTHIS THURSDAY!!! November 17……

The Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA to headline the “Regent Roots ‘n’ Blues Revue.”

Anybody who buys an advance reserved seating ticket gets a free copy of the live concert CD cut in Switzerland last year. The band will be available in the lobby and after the show to autograph 'em. The show also includes some great artists who are all good friends and fantastic entertainers: the Peter Parcek 3 (whose debut album Ted produced), the Ten Foot Polecats and the Powerhouse Berklee Band. Plus the concert will culminate in an all-star grand finale jam.

Stay up to date with all of the band’s high jinx at






The Biennial Project


Fan of the Month

Fan of the Month 02/11 - Victor Peterson

by the-biennial-project 14. February 2011 17:09


Hey kids, rock and roll, Happy Goddamned February!  In the spirit of the month, we have selected Mr. Victor Peterson as The Biennial Project’s Fan of the Month for February.  There was really no choice about it – Victor put the competition to shame by sending us, by Actual Snail Mail (who knew they still had that?) a good old-fashioned Fan Letter.  And what a fan letter it is.  We don’t think we could truly do it justice by describing it, so here it is in it’s entirety, in Victor’s original hand-writing.  We’re good,   but no way even we could make this up...

Salmeron_posterfor Paul1_Page_2 copy

Salmeron_posterfor Paul1_Page_1 copy

Salmeron_posterfor Paul1_Page_3 copy

Salmeron_posterfor Paul1_Page_4 copy

Of course when we got this letter, we immediately blew it up poster size and used our contacts to get it put it up in a Chic Downtown Gallery Space here in Boston. During the opening, who should walk in but Mr. Victor Peterson Himself – so we prevailed upon him to pose in front of his now famous Fan Letter.  Talk about your post-modern-irony-and-layers-of-self-reference-type situation!

photo 3 copy

And come to find out, when we perused our archives, we had previous video documentation of our now number one fan – aka Person Aroused by Anna….


Victor, here’s to you, and here’s hoping you get that gig curating majors shows that you so obviously deserve!!!!!!!!!  We’ll be waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Kisses, TBP


Fan of the Month

December Fan of the Month

by the-biennial-project 9. December 2010 13:21

As usual, The Biennial Project has been busy.   Just two weeks ago we jaunted down to NYC to visit galleries and attend tony openings, all the while keeping an eye on possibilities to advance our Important Work.  We participated in many Prestigious Gallery Shows while there, and will have more on that for you soon.  But in the meantime, we wanted to introduce you to our newest Hip Avant-Garde Artist Friend.


His name is Russ Underlab (that’s Mr Underlab to you), and we met him while visiting the New Museum of Contemporary Art in the Fashionably Edgy Lower East Side to work on collaborations with many of the Big-Name Artists showing there.  He works there, and is himself a Big-Name Artist whose Chelsea Show just closed.

russ1 copy

We hit it off fabulously. Honestly, the Cognoscenti just always seem to GET us!  Now we’re planning collaborations with him too, and he is of course coming to Venice with us this summer for 54th Venice Biennale Villa Experience .  He even likes all the same things we do, including Johnny Cash, Anselm Keifer, and Wikileaks.  Most importantly, he makes a mean Rum Ball.

Russ Underlab truly deserves his place as The Biennial Project December Fan of the Month 2010!!!  Now do Russ proud, Esteemed Fan Base, and FACEBOOK THE FUCK OUT OF THIS POST!

And by all means, check out his Cool Website - RussUnderlabWebSite, and his Excellent Facebook PageRussUnderlabFacebook.


Fan of the Month

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