In Bed with Nonardo

by the-biennial-project 16. July 2018 19:56

The Biennial Project was honored to be chosen  for the 00Bienal de La Habana, the first Cuban art biennial to be organized independently of any state entity. We went to partake this past May. Within minutes of arriving at our hotel in Havana we immediately found ourselves in one of those 1950s cars you see in the tourist books about Cuba and we were on our way to our first 00Bienal de La Habana event. We gave our taxi driver the address and he did not seem 100% sure where it was and we, for certain, did not know where we were going. We were unclear even if we were going to a gallery, someone’s studio or someone’s house. None-the-less, we enjoyably buzzed through the colorful, modernist, somewhat run down streets of Havanna and we were thrilled to be in Cuba for this event. The closer we got to the venue the less certain our taxi driver was that this is where we wanted to be in this particular neighborhood. It wasn’t until we saw 4 women dressed, in what seemed to us as art gallery opening attire, did we know we had indeed arrived to find our community.

00Bienal de La Habana-10300Bienal de La Habana-11300Bienal de La Habana-106

We entered through a courtyard where one of the artist’s homes is located. His house was going to be the main venue for showing, It was a lively, positive atmosphere and the local neighbors mixed well with the artists for a festive art reception. That artist whose home we were inhabiting was the alluring and luminous Nonardo Perea. We had recently friended Nonardo on Facebook and he was one of the artists we most wanted to meet. This evening we also met the organizers Yanelys Nuñez Leyva and Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara and they could not have been more hospitable, engaging, charismatic and attractive.

Nonardo presented his work on the walls of his house in every room. We enjoyed walking into his bedroom and admit to peeping into his closet. We noticed illustrations we enjoyed on his refrigerator and later in the night he actually gave them to us as gifts. A lot of Nonardo’s work revolved around gay and transsexual themes and he expressed this through some scintillating manipulated photos, collages, illustrations and even a video. Most of them, he used him self as the model. We were floored. We loved his work as much as we knew we would love him. He also has two of the cutest dogs you may ever run across.

00Bienal de La Habana-977100Bienal de La Habana-11800Bienal de La Habana-10800Bienal de La Habana-9768

Another artist showing this evening was Francisco Mëndez. His performance involved locking himself in the bathroom and shouting ‘Ya me canse’ at the top of his lungs over and over again while the reception went on outside of the bathroom, in Nonardo’s bedroom. Ya me canse means ‘I’m tired of this’ which is in reference to what a Mexican Police chief said while looking for the bodies of missing people. It is what the Mexican people think over and over and feel nobody hears them. It was a very powerful enactment.

00Bienal de La Habana-976600Bienal de La Habana--300Bienal de La Habana-9775

Also worth mentioning was the fact that the participants of this Bienal were harassed by the government of Cuba. The Cuban artists were subject to arrests, interrogations and threats. We met an artist there that night who was originally supposed to be in the Bienal but pulled out in the last minute in fear of threats he received about his employment. Cuba is not an easy place to express oneself.

00Bienal de La Habana--200Bienal de La Habana-104

It was fantastic party. The hosts of 00Bienal de La Habana could not have been warmer or more welcoming. Never letting our glasses be less the half full, checking on us, engaging us in conversation, introducing us around. They basically shared their lives with us. We also rejoiced in the fact that we were in a real Cuban neighborhood., one tourists probably never entertain to visit. We bought tamales from a bucket, walked around the neighborhood and almost got into a game of domino with some of the older men in the streets.


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Global Biennial Digest August

by the-biennial-project 3. August 2012 13:54

So with the entire world following the opening of The Biennial Project's new
show ‘Bizarre Artist Happenings’ we feel that in respect to our fellow
creators we should update you, our readers, on some of the other
Biennial/Biennales taking place this summer. We will even highlight a few
that you can enter yourself including The upcoming Boston Biennial and next
year's Boston on-line Biennale.


First off, we wish we could have made an appearance at the Venice Beach
Biennale brought to you by The Hammer Museum in sunny Los Angeles CA. Years
ago, when we barely knew the ins and outs of the art fair circuit, we found
ourselves on Venice Beach thinking for sure this was the location for the
world renowned Venice Biennale. I mean Venice Beach not only reeks of
marijuana but it reeks of hipness, coolness and creativity. We simply could
not have imagined that ‘the’ prestigious art event would happen in a
decaying, sinking, outdated city in some far away land. We asked many people
where the Gioardini was located but we were always pointed to the many ‘Dr.
offices and medical facilities’ that line the Venice Beach boardwalk. Who
says that the US health system is in trouble? There are ‘Dr. offices’ on
every block filled with patients from every walk of life. They all seem to
offer a cure-all magic prescription known as ‘Medical Marijuana’ and it
helps everything from glaucoma, to stress headaches and numerous mental
illnesses. This cure all seems to be accessible to all without any long
nasty insurance forms to deal with. Any enough with that, The Venice Beach
Biennale was special because it not only ‘high’lighted famous artists such
as Barbara Kruger, Evan Holloway, Katie Grinnan and Nick Herman but it
represented the artists who show on the boardwalk each and every day. The
Venice Beach Biennale was shown in conjunction with The Hammer Museum¹s
’Made in LA’ Biennial, which is running this summer.


The Santorini Biennale of Arts is taking place on that somewhat scenic
island in Greece. The Biennale is the idea of artist, designer and economist
Kikos Papadopoulos; supported by the Municipality of Thera, the Estia
Association of Pyrgos, and the Santorini of the Past Cultural Village in
Pyrgos. This season you may want to redirect your yacht on your summer¹s
Mediterranean cruise and skip Cefalu (I mean we all know Turkish ports are
so last year) and return to the 'vintage cool' destination of Santorini. As
well as having put on a great art show with a list of artists too vast to
repeat, The Santorini Biennale has one of the best and most personable
twitter feeds out there. They are always tweeting us, The Biennial Project,
and we are always excited to tweet them back as well as retweet their twats.

For more information on this biennale go to
santoriniyaytch orgy

So you are enjoying your summer and seeing great art at The Sydney Biennial,
Documenta and Manifesta. Let's not forget that September is approaching fast
and you don't want to get stuck without plans. September is a good time to
travel and see art because those pesky little ingrates, known as children,
are back at school. No more having to push away an entire clan who are
trying to ‘expose’ the young ones to culture while they refuse to look up
from their electronic mobile devises. At The Whitstable Biennale you will be
granted the space an adult should have. Nowhere on the venue's website do
they mention what country Whitstable is located in but we think it is
England just outside on London. We know there are one or two events taking
place in London this summer of some importance but at the moment all we can
think of is this Biennale. We also can not find any information on their
website that lists what artists are showing but it¹s a Biennale so its got
to be great. The Whitsable Biennale is also on twitter and that makes them
cool. So to find out 'some information’ on this mysterious but happening
Biennale please go to


So we told you we would list a biennale or two that you can enter to become
world famous artists much like ourselves. II you follow us on Facebook, and
we know you do, because why wouldn't you, you would see the frequent
Biennale/Biennial opportunities we post for you. For those of you that are
too lazy or stupid to read our Facebook page we'll let you know here of one
or two art shows you can present at.

First there is The University of Hawaii ­Hilo: 2012 Pacific States Biennial
National Print Exhibition. This exhibit is open only to US residents and
residents of the US territories. We really hope all our fans in The US
Virgin Islands, America Samoa and The Federated States of Micronesia read
this and WIN!! Our territories which also include Puerto Rico, Palau and The
Midway islands all sound like warm, tropical paradises and we would love an
invitation to one of these places if the winning artist enters because they
read it in our blog. Hell even if you don¹t win and have a futon near the
beach we will visit you. So all you artists on The Marshall Islands go to
enter by October 1sst.

Entries for The Kaunas Biennial, entitled "Unitext" are due by September 15th.
The 9th Kaunas Biennial UNITEXT will create conditions for immediate
collisions of an artwork and a spectator, allowing the experience of art as
a universal text. Curators of the exhibition together with artists will
pursue a concept that is new and unfamiliar in a cultural context and will
consolidate it by presenting practical examples. We will go into the
question of a unitext, which is the latest link in work -> text -> intertext
-> hypertext -> unitext semiotic chain of a philosophic / art criticism /
artistic field.

Those Lithuanians certainly do not beat around the bush and get right to he
point of what you should create. If the theme wasn't enticing enough we know
That The Most Interesting Artist in The World, formally known as Michael St.
Germain, showed in Kauunas in 2005 before he became as famous and as
interesting as he is today. For more information for this biennale taking
place in Lithuania's second largest city please go to

We cannot wait for information to be released for 21st INTERNATIONAL
one we plan to dominate in ourselves. If you feel, as we do that the Biennial
Project should be the center of attention at this Bulgarian Biennale by all
means let them know.

Finally stay tuned for the details to two of the earth's, hell the solar
system's biggest art events. One being the Boston Biennial being held in
Boston this December as in 2012. Secondly The 2nd Boston Online Biennial
will be held later this spring with another fabulous reception being held
the opening weekend of The Venice Biennale, in fucking Venice, again. Keep
reading our blog, our twitter and our facebook for details.

Also stay tuned for our Global Biennial Project collaborators to update you
on the art they saw this summer. We are hoping Marlene Sarnoff will tell us
all about the Sydney Biennale or that Tom Estes might write about the
artistic happening around that little sporting event taking place in his
town of London right now. We also sent our very own Charlene Liska across
the pond this summer as an envoy todOCUMENTA(13) and Manifesta The European Biennial of Contemporary Art..



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Global Biennial Digest Feb. 2012

by the-biennial-project 18. February 2012 13:33

Lets face it. We love The Venice Biennale and The Whitney Biennial but as you all know they are not the only biennials on our planet. Yes the folks in The Vento and on The Upper East Side think that they are end all and be all in the art biennial world but we, meaning us here at The Biennial Project, and you, our loyal and creative fans, know that all the really cool shit goes down right in our own backyards. Fame and fortune, we are not above them, but sometimes we simply just want to show our art. Presented here is the on- going series brought to you by The Biennial Project called The Global Biennial Digest and here we will look at some of the other biennials going on globally.

    • First off, there is The 2012 Inaugural Windsor-Whitney Biennial, an Online Survey of American and International Art!! This event is brought to you by none other then us, The Biennial Project. Here is your chance to show off YOUR WORK to our global biennial community. All you have to do is enter by this Sunday, February 19, 2012, by midnight (maybe by the next morning if you are a last minute late night procrastinator). To submit work, please go to whitneybestcard

The Biennial Project is honored to have the Renowned Artist and Star of Bravo TV Network's Runaway Hit Show "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist" Morgan The Sucklord Phillips as our Celebrity Guest Juror! The Windsor Whitney Biennial Grand Prize Winner will attend (as a guest of The Biennial Project!) the February 29th VIP Reception of the other notable biennial opening in New York that week - yes, The Whitney Biennial (a $250 Value!).


Art World Cognoscente may wonder, “”Does the World need yet another Biennial?” if not “Why the heck haven’t I been included in The Whitney Biennial?” The provocative artist collective known as The Biennial Project relishes sinking their creative teeth into such charged questions. Their goal is to explore the nature of and understand the perception of biennials within the art world. In the words of renowned art critic Clea Sahroli “the Project provides a metaphorical vehicle to explore the underlying dynamics of who gets validation from the art world apparatus and why, at the same time addressing the artist’s internal dialectic between expected and achieved success in external and personal universes.”

The Windsor Whitney Biennial will explore art biennials…and all the aspiration and greed, sublime insight and cheap self-aggrandizement, profundity and narcissism that biennials have come to represent. If artists have ever looked with envy at the burgeoning biennial activity around them, attended a venerable Biennale and said to themselves, “I can do better than that,” …this bi’s for you!

For more information contact

To submit work, please go to



Another biennial you may want to check out (only looking, too late to show) is Colombo Art Biennale 2012, which is taking place now in the Sri Lankan city of Colombo adjacent to the capital city of Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte. This is the last and only weekend to see this so hurry your ass over to Sri Lanka. The Colombo Art Biennale 2012 aims to strengthen the platform and enhance awareness of Sri Lankan Contemporary Art and culture both within Sri Lanka and around the globe. The Colombo Art Biennale this year is adopting the theme of “Becoming”, which will be reflected by the astonishing variety of the best of the best contemporary art on show. Some of the showing artists include artists Aaron Burton, Anoli Perera ,Anomaa Rajakaruna ,Anura Krishantha, Bandu Manamperi and Chandraguptha Thenuwara(of course). Undoubtedly the most popular sport in Sri Lanka is cricket. The country emerged as champions of the 1996 Cricket World Cup and became runners up in 2007 and 2011. Colombo has the distinction of being the only city in the world to have 4 cricket Test venues in the past: Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu Stadium, Sinhalese Sports Club Ground, Colombo Cricket Club Ground and Ranasinghe Premadasa Stadium. This Saturday night The Biennial will host the ‘Becoming One Party’, which is a mix of art, performance, musicians and djs!!!!!! Early birds pay only 2,000 rupees from box offices or else its 2,500 at the door. The party will be covered by MTV, HI Magazine and YES FM Radio.


If you miss The Biennial in Columbo then make sure you put The Adelaide Biennial on your calendar. This Biennial will be held from March 2, 2012 until March 18th. An experiential proposition inspired by art, cinema and literature, the 2012 Adelaide Biennial explores the ways in which ideas emerge, converge and re-form through time. This year’s theme is Parallel Collisions. Across four physical platforms, Parallel Collisions presents 21 commissioned works by some of Australia’s leading artists, 21 original texts, a designer, an architect, two curators and an institution, forming a connective tissue that attempts to understand our subjective experience of time. The curators are Natasha Bullock and Alexie Glass-Kantor and artists include Pat Foster & Jen Berean, Marco Fusinato, Shaun Gladwell, Susan Jacobs, Jonathan Jones and Yvonne Koolmatrie. The first Australian Idol winner, Guy Sebastian, hails from Adelaide’s northeastern suburb of Golden Grove. American musician Ben Folds used to base himself in Adelaide when he was married to Australian Frally Hynes.



For those of you who like to show art more then they like to look at it, The Bellevue Arts Museum located in Bellevue Washington is holding The BAM Biennial 2012: High Fiber Diet. This is being held from October 25, 2012 - February 24, 2013. Artists are encouraged to take a creative approach to the fiber medium, considering both traditional expressions of fiber art and the fringes of the medium, where concepts of art and craft merge. The exhibition is intended to recognize the innovative and extraordinary work being produced by contemporary Northwest makers, and to celebrate the region's distinctive character. For details on how to enter go to


To round out our coverage of Pacific Biennials that are going on this month we were going to talk about The Yayasan Biennale Yogyakarta. This biennial is hard to understand. Either a language thing or we are just too tired from putting together THE WINDSOR WHITNRY BIENNIAL for you. We LOVE our many fans in Indonesia!! They are some of our most loyal. Check out our ipiellegence map on our website and look how many people from Jakarta are following us.


It might be also known as The Equator: Biennale Jogja XI 2011. I’d say look out for it in 2013 if you want to go. Just be happy that you know it exists and we applaud the artists of India and Indonesia even if we can’t read their website.


We only found this statement and we think its sounds neato!!

Starting in 2011, the Biennale Jogja XI, which takes place in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, will work its way around the equator, a zone designated as the area between the Tropic of Cancer (latitude 23°27′ north) and the Tropic of Capricorn (latitude 23°27′ south). Biennale Jogja will look further towards the future, open up new perspectives and develop confrontations that engage convention and the establishment by examining similar situations all over the world. The discourse of contemporary art has become very dynamic, but we still notice that the dichotomy of center and periphery remains very strong. There is the need to identify new opportunities and seek out more valuable meaning in a biennale event.



Global Biennialism Digest

Global Biennialism Digest January 2011

by the-biennial-project 26. January 2011 16:33

Hi Fans! Welcome to the third installment of Global Biennialism Digest – the feature  in which we search far and wide for the most up-to-the minute info about the coolest Biennial Exhibits out there,  and provide links related to submission opportunities, exhibition dates, and interesting biennial reviews, as well as fun sites that delve into the biennialism phenomenon.

We Love letters from our readers, especially ones with suggestions on how to improve our Biennial Coverage. We reicieved a letter from Luciana Capuano Massine from Brazil as to why we did not cover The San Paulo Biennial 10 which was going on at the very moment I was writing the last update .We would love to cover each and every Biennial but that would require way too much time and focus. This is not a comprehensive report and our mind flies in many different directions being that we are world renown artists and all. Luciana, we at The Biennial Project would love to hear your impression of the San Paulo Biennial if you had a chance to see it. Seriously!! The same goes to all our fans. If you happen to catch a biennial, big or small tell us what you thought of it and maybe, just maybe we will include you in future Global Biennial Digests. We look forward to hearing from you!!!

Back to our report!!!!!

Going RIGHT NOW until the end of February is The 8th Shanghai Biennale. I would give you the link but it does not seem to be working. I read here why from Lauren Mack who is a freelance journalist located in Taipei.

‘It appears the Shanghai Biennale’s official website has been temporarily blocked worldwide (presumably by Chinese authorities who have been cracking down on artists recently. Over the weekend artist Ai Weiwei was put under house arrest, which prevented him from attending an event at his gallery in Shanghai). Once the website is back up, I will post a note on the Blog. The links I have here will once again work once the Shanghai Biennale’s official site is back online. I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

This really seems to suck big time!!

Anyhow this biennale asks the question of who is controlling the direction economically and politically of contemporary art? Is it the artists or the Art Market? In China it appears to be the ruling government. We at the Biennial project wish we had finished our submission for the Shanghai's Biennale on time because questions of controls the art world is what we want to know Whose ass should we really plant our ruby red lips on? Maybe in some manner we have already contributed to this dialogue. Here is an interesting article we found of an interview of a BANK involved in this Biennale.

Such an interesting interview for a Biennial that is being held in a communist country which denies freedom of expression but uses the free market for economic profitability!!! Maybe its time too put down the chopsticks and stick them with our forks.

If you want to see really big art in a really big way be sure to check out The Texas Biennial, which is a project of Big Medium (cute) a non-profit based in Austin. All of the artists were chosen from Texas, the home state of Biennial Project member and world renowned Art Rock Star Laura Rollins (currently residing in Greenwich, CT). This Biennial is slated to open in Austin Texas April 15. Somehow this only seems right for a state that votes to not pay taxes. Did you know that Austin is the only major Texas City that has no ordinance against women appearing topless in public? "Keep Austin Weird" has become a local motto. We at The Biennial Project encourage you to attend this event and catch sight of strange bosoms. Road trip to Marfa anyone?




Global Biennialism Digest

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