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by the-biennial-project 16. January 2011 16:15

Hans van Meeuwen wins inaugural Boston Online Biennial

Well….when The Biennial Project began planning our fabulous trip to participate in the 54th Venice Biennale we knew we would be successful—but who could have imagined the extent of our smashing success as The Biennial Project and their entourage of glitterati took the Big V by stormjQuery15204912018298466718_1342912544030?!!!! Suffice it to say that we were surrounded by art rock stars of all shapes, sizes, and nationalities….but few could hold a candle to our own Hans van Meeuwen—the first place winner of the inaugural Boston Online Biennial.

vanMeeuwenH10_drawing vanMeeuwenH10_drawing

Originally hailing from Rotterdam in The Netherlands, Hans moved to Germany in 1991 and then to New York in 2004—he currently lives in Brooklyn. He has exhibited extensively in Europe and in New York.

vanMeeuwenH01_AMansHeight vanMeeuwenH11_Table vanMeeuwenH13_SergeBernierReading

In 2008 he showed at New York’s Christinerose Gallery which was reviewed in (wait for it….) ART IN AMERICA, my bitches!!!!!! This alone officially make Hans Art World Royalty.

        vanMeeuwenH08_drawing                       vanMeeuwenH07_Langnek

His work capitalizes greatly on elements of scale coupled with a deadpan dry wit. The pieces are often fanciful if not dreamlike, evoking a surreal and mysterious presence (giant CHICKEN FEET outside your tent, anyonejQuery15208885680774870383_1342912735453?)



Though he has created public art pieces and installation, even his sculptures have an installation-esque quality. They seem like smaller parts of a larger whole which invites the viewer to interject his/her own narrative—explainations for what frequently appear to be extraordinary or paranormal phenomena.


        vanMeeuwenH02_Spookrijder                                 vanMeeuwenH09_SweetPotato





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