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by the-biennial-project 28. April 2011 16:48

That may look to you like some spray cans in a window, but no, it is a


- Marcia E. Ventrocq, in an article about The Venice Biennale 2001


Love fills the moment and the moment begins eternity…..

veniceoldorgy1 veniceorrgy2

Love fills a lifetime and a lifetime begins this hour……..

venicehomo veniceles


It is with Great Enthusiasm that

Eric Hess,

Laura Rollins and

Anna Salmeron,

founding members of the eminent artist collaborative The Biennial Project cordially request the pleasure of your attendance at

The Biennial Project’s V.I.P.

Opening Reception for  

The 54th Venice Biennale

and award presentation celebrating the winner of 

THE 2011 Boston Online Biennial.

Be amongst the first to discover who will be auspicious victor of this exalted contest, and preview this artist’s work in a modern digital art exhibition. Enjoy cocktails, hors d'oeuvres  and good grub in the open air of our sizable courtyard and veranda, and tour the considerable, multi-part inner recesses of La Villa de Biennial Project. The festivities will  feature musical entertainment by our karaoke machine and Eric’s Ipod.

 Ninfea-4-venice-italyCalla-1-venice-italy    Giardino Segreto-1 Giardino Segretocloseupfresia-1-venice-italy


The celebration will

commence on

Sunday the Fifth of June

Of the Year of Our Lord

A.D. Two Thousand and Eleven

At the hour of

Six o’clock in the evening.



Location - La Villa Biennial Project

(Formally known as The Villa Giardino Segreto)venicebackground

Is situated at

Calle degli Ormesini

Sestiere di Cannaregio 1484 A

Venezia, Italia



Our Joy will be more complete

if you share with us the

astonishing merriment of our gala!


Vaporetto stop: S. Marcuola - line 1
Alilaguna stop: Guglie - line A (Orange)

 Biennial Project villa outmap-2

La Villa Biennial Project


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