We’ll Always Have Venice!!!!!!

by the-biennial-project 5. July 2011 17:12


“Up on Housing Project Hill, it’s either fortune or fame. You must choose one or the other, although neither of them are to be what they claim.” 




That’s our friend Bob Dylan talking, and we figure he should know.

We, of course, want both. We haven’t noticed much movement lately in the fortune thing, but boy has the fame thing been coming along.

And by fame, we mean The Venice Biennale 2011, in all it’s sparkling glory, with US as Participants!  We have so much to tell you!

First, we are aware that in addition to the Legions of Fabulous Fans who appreciate our sublime parody of artistic pretension, there exist also a Few Dreary Naysayers - those who feel that The Biennial Project is perhaps, well, too focused on US.

We know, that’s just ridiculous, but you know how petty and jealous people can be when their own careers are in the toilets while ours are really taking off.

So, to prove these Few Dreary Naysayers to be the bitter farts that they are, we and our conspirators have have written reviews of some of our favorite art at the VB2011, without even mentioning ourselves!

And had these reviews published in Boston’s Coolest and Hippest Cultural Weekly – The Dig!!!

No way, you say? Yes way, we answer! 

Read our fabulous reviews below!




American Pavilion



Chinese Pavilion




Singapore Pavilion



Egyptian, Polish & German Pavilions



All Our Coverage in the Hip and Cool Dig!










And, of course, us being us, in between looking at and reviewing the other art, we did find a little time to show the art world some of our Unique Edgy Avant-Garde Conceptual Performance Art, and you just know that they loved it!

In the weeks to come we’ll fill you in on everything, but here’s just a taste of how the Art World Press took notice (pay special attention to seconds 26-28!):








Art World Press Raves for The Biennial Project!






Bizarre Art Happenings Indeed!



Stay tuned for more!!!!




The Biennial Project



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