Introducing the Windsor Whitney Grand Prize Winner!

by the-biennial-project 11. March 2012 11:14

As the dust settles from The Biennial Project's insanely successful Tour de Nueva York 2012, we can reflect on some of the many things that were accomplished.

Not least of which was getting to know the work of the hundreds and hundreds of awesome artists who submitted work to the 2012 Windsor Whitney Biennial. We knew there were a lot of great artists out there, but really, some of this stuff is so good it's just sick!

Picking a Grand Prize Winner from all the strong entries was not easy, but in the end we agreed that LA artist Abdul Mazid just had to be the one. His body of work is brave and intelligent, and his personal voice speaks clearly throughout. And it's beautiful. And fun. And he's only 31. And a really nice guy.

Just scary.


Here he is with his work.


A close-up of his piece Colony Collapse.



A silly facebook image - OK, we couldn't resist.

So check out his work and that of our

other winners in our Winner's Galleries:

Grand Prize Gallery

Winner's Gallery

Video Winner's Gallery

Then see more of Abdul's fantastic work at his website:

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OK, now you're done!

XXOO, The Biennial Project


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