Let us now praise famous (mostly) men

by the-biennial-project 15. June 2013 12:04


OMG, Venice, where to start?

Where exactly to start to tell this mind-fuck of a tale?

The Fabulous Villa, overflowing with ever-so-talented and as-of-yet unindicted co-conspirators?

The City, well not exactly a city so much as the world’s largest convention center, but oh what a god-damned jaw-dropping convention center after all?

The Convention Itself (that’s the 55th Venice Biennale, thank you Sir) – a head-spinning and entirely overwhelming conglomeration of all that goes by the name of ART?

The Parties Out There – who knew it was even possible to get tired of champagne?

The Parties At Home – rooftop dancing till the sun came up (and in retrospect perhaps a tad more nudity than was entirely necessary - goodbye, Security Deposit, we hardly knew ye)?

The Famous People – rubbing elbows (AND MORE!) with artists who were actually invited to this thing

(Not that we would ever kiss and tell, but well, if we were to, we would have to mention that at least two Artists Representing Their Countries had, uh, breakfast at our Fabulous Villa. (The Biennial Project Venice Work Group takes their practice seriously!)

Well, Us, being Us, we’ll start with some of The Famous People that we met.

But don’t worry, it’s a long lazy summer up here in New England, and before it’s over, we’ll have gotten to everything!

US with Art Forum Writer Linda Yablonsky, plus Bahamas Pavilion Curator Stamatina Gregory, and Bahamas Artist Tavares Strachan!



US with Russian Artist Vadim Zakhaov!



US with Kosovo Artist Petrit Halilaj!



US with Hungarian Artist Zsolt Asztalos!

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US with Zimbabwe Artist Portia Zvavahera!



US with Finland Artists Terike Haapoja AND Antti Laitinen.




US with Turkey Artist Omer Ali Kazma!



US with Indonesia Artist Albert Yonathan Setyawan!



US with Latvian Artist Kaspars Podnieks!



US with Czech Artist Zbynek Baladran!




US with Palestinian Artist Bashir Makhoul!



US with Uruguay Artist Wilfredo Diaz Valdez – we LOVE this guy AND his family!


OK, we’re fairly certain you get the idea – WE met lots of Famous Folks.

And we’re just positive that knowing Famous Arty Folks will eventually pay dividends in our campaign to achieve the fame for ourselves that we so deeply deserve.

To paraphrase our hero Tony Montana, “we want our fucking artistic rights NOW!”

(FYI – there are a few deck of our amazing Limited Edition Venice Biennale 2013 Artist Trading Cards still to be had. To order yours: click here)

Ciao bella, for now darling, but we’ll be back soon.

Next up, The Best Party in Venice (OURS of course).


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