What happens in The Venice Biennale stays at The Venice Biennale

by the-biennial-project 27. November 2013 16:43

So the Venice Biennale 55 is officially closed. What happened there will now only be a memory. You will always hear people talk about that person whose eardrums shattered because didn’t wear their plugs during Konrad Smoleński loud-as-shit bells at The Polish Pavilion. You will have to decide if it was 3 or 23 naked artists running down Calle Avvocat and around the diners at Acqua Pozza restaurant in Campo Sant Angelo. Someone will have to figure out the truth behind the stories of people adding their own garbage to the organized chaos of Sarah Sze’s piece at The American Pavilion. The Venice Biennale 55 has only been closed a few days and art lovers world wide are already turning the tale of how much free Koskenkorva vodka a certain young American in a bow tie drank at the opening party for the Finnish Pavilion. How far Justin actually power puked will always vary in our collective memories. All we can verify is that the band Phantom, was great at the reception and that Justin made it home safe if not sound.

We, The Biennial Project felt that we should maintain some decorum and respect towards this gigantic art world event and not influence(or jade) your opinion of it until it closed. Only now is it truly safe for you to watch our reactions. Witness a video montage of some of the experiences The Biennial Project had during the opening week of this year’s Biennale. Fact or fiction is up to you now…..Rumor has it somebody saw an actual painting.

What happens at The Venice Biennale stays at The Venice Biennale, sort of….


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