A Valentine gift from The Biennial Project that doesn’t require lube…

by the-biennial-project 14. February 2014 11:45


So, if you are like us you didn't get a dozen red roses or a 5 carat diamond this Saint Valentine's Day.


We didn't even get a crappy little bear holding a heart.


Like us you might have also gained 10lbs from all the cheap chocolate and candy hearts that people have been bringing into the studio.



Maybe you even made an attempt to go out for a romantic dinner only to have to wait for a table and eat cold pasta in an overcrowded, overpriced restaurant


only to be requested by your love to perform anal sex when you got home.


Well, we here at the Biennial Project are here to save your St. Valentine Day this year.

We have decided to extend, by two weeks, the deadline for The Biennial Roadshow Marfa!!

Aren't we wonderful!!!



In case you have been living under a rock and have no idea what The Biennial Roadshow Marfa is, let us explain.

The Biennial Roadshow Marfa is an open call to artists worldwide to enter and possibly be selected to show in our online juried competition, and screen in our digital presentation at our Hoodang and Gala reception in Marfa, Texas this April!!

The new and improved FINAL deadline is now March 1st, 2014, MIDNIGHT.

We also highlight in blogs and facebook posts some of the work entered before the we jury the entries, so the earlier you get your work in the more likely we will show it off.

So get your ass in the saddle and enter the Biennial Roadshow Marfa by March 1, 2014.


Did we mention we are open to butt fucking?


For information go to on this juried Art show go to


For instruction on how to enter go to



And for an added Valentine thrill, we’ve prepared today’s preview of some of the kick-ass work submitted so far with an eye to the spirit of the holiday.

Feast your eyes:


Against Nature, by Joshua Zerangue



Yin and Yang, by Kristen Freitas





Walls of Love2, by Herber Artemis


Llama (Fragmented Memories, Page 68), 
by Stephanie Goode
Witches I, by Katherine  Sweetman




Don't Play With Fire, by Judith Kindler



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