Boston Biennial 5 Accepted Artist List

by the-biennial-project 17. March 2018 14:27

Here is the list of accepted work for BB5 – excluding video work (we will post that list in next 2 days).

Leigh Yardley, Relic  
Leigh Yardley,  The Tallette is Dry  
Coral Woodbury,  Mend 
Coral Woodbury,The New Dictionary of Thoughts  Standard Book Co. 1954: Heaven 
China Blue Wong, Mind
Michelle Woitzel, Intrigue 
Carolyn Wirth, Earthly Paradise 
Katie Wild, A Shocking Turn of Events  
Jesse Wiedel, The Dark Side 
Paul Weiner, Night in Venice 
Lars Vilhelmsen, moment and rest I 
paul Valadez, sopa albino  
paul Valadez, tener un punto 
Tran Trong Vu, The meeting point Installation  
Tran Trong Vu, A partition of chance Painting/Drawing  
NANCY CHEE-KWAN TONG, Unpredictable Series - White 2017 
Keith Tang, 2001 
David Stickney, Godzilla vs Rockport 
Michael St.Germain, untitled 
Michael St.Germain, untitled  
Qing Song, Cigarette Girls 3  
Marlene Siff, Septet   
Roxanna Sierra, Bridge # 1 
George Shaw, UNTITLED 
George Shaw, UNTITLED  
Victoria Schepps, Subway Breakdancers  
joan ryan, Life on the Noon
joan ryan, Card Games 
joan ryan, Escaping the Rabbit Hole 
Alexandra Rozenman, Moving in with Winslow Homer 
Thomas Roth, No-183
Thomas Roth, No-152 
Ruth Rosner, GUARDIANS AT THE GATE Women Who Witness Series 
Ruth Rosner, THE RUINS OF THE FAMILIAR [What Resonated] Refugee Women Series 
Ruth Rosner, ECHOES OF VOICES [Broken Steps] Refugee Women Series/On the Journey
Lisa Reindorf, Neon Isles   
Lisa Reindorf, Neon City 
Bill Psarras, To the Unknown Place   
Alison Pruchansky,  Fleur-tile 7 
R. Prost, Veritas No. 47 
Kevin Porter, resolve 
Heather Park Hanlon, ChurchFire - An Installation view 2 
CHRISTINE PALAMIDESSI, The Prometheus Lights   
CHRISTINE PALAMIDESSI, Releasing Blackbirds from Left Shoulder   
Ozlem Ayse Ozgur, Death of A Refugee   
Ozlem Ayse Ozgur, Hometown Left Behind   
paul ott, woods hole  
Jean Noon, Inside Outside 
Erica Nazzaro, Tiny Cabin   
Jeannie Motherwell, Chrysalis  
Jeannie Motherwell, Sol 
Matthew McKee,  Honey Doo! 
Matthew McKee, First Place Burn   
Matthew McKee, Breakfast of Champions 
J Fredric May, Author's Hallucination No. 3 "Les" 
Cynthia Maurice, FIGURE 1 
Dave Martsolf, Windows of Allegory 
Virginia Mahoney, Make-Shift Work Vest
Adamo Macri, Phenotype Bardo  
Madeleine Lord, CORE 
Samantha Lindsay, You Will Get There  
Charlie Lemay, A. I.  
Myung Hwan LEE, Dead hero 
Myung Hwan LEE,  wearing aquarium  
Louise Laplante,  Ancient  Original  Modern Fables and Hares 
Jean-Francois Lanthier, Speak from the heart  
Kristin Krimmel, Site Warrior 
Kristin Krimmel, Yellow Construction Fence 
Kristin Krimmel, Spectacles
Laura Krasnow, Dark Matter #8   
Laura Krasnow, The Day The Earth Stood Still  
Kara Krantz, Vestiges  
Kara Krantz, Fractured  
Kara Krantz, Shattered  
Walter Kopec, The Last Dog Eats Alone (small)   
Walter Kopec, Helping Make America Great Again (PRO/CON STITUTION)  
Walter Kopec, Neighborly Lifestyles of the Richer and Thinner [ENVY] 
Lee Kilpatrick, Easter Dinner 
Lee Kilpatrick, Watching The Olympics   
Marjorie Kaye, MESSAGES  
Marjorie Kaye, SPIDER HATCHERY   
MARCO JIMENEZ, Shirley tempera 
MARCO JIMENEZ, Imperatrix reflexionis 
Kei Ito, Infertile American Dream (Installation shot)  
Joan Bemel Iron Moccasin, Distance Pain  Aerie Lake Cabin  
Clint Imboden, broken "crutch bottoms"  
Clint Imboden, flowers 
Crystal Heiden, Mountains 5 
Susan Harmon, before her mind broke 
Al Harden, brown Targets Bleed Red 
Al Harden, We Are One II 
Leigh Hall, Emerson Woods 
Leigh Hall, Meded Stones
Erik Gehring, Paperbark Maple 
hal gage, Abstraction #3  
Faith Gabel, Dot's Life  
Diane Francis, Old and New  
farzin foroutan, I'm not here  Even not there 
farzin foroutan, I'm not here  Even not there  
Lynda Fatalo, For Rent 
Catherine Evans, Thistle - Carbone Park Maynard 
Catherine Evans, Electric Blue
Tom Estes, Escape Velocity Jellyfish In Space  
Barbara Eskin, CUT OUT/TWOSOME 
Sigrid Ehemann, Style Tips for the Invisible Woman   
Sigrid Ehemann, Style Tips for the Invisible Woman   
Sigrid Ehemann, Style Tips for the Invisible Woman  
Steven Edson, Urban Walls 05   
Katharine Dufault, Evening Walk  
Gary Duehr, Arena: Capt. America   
Gary Duehr, Arena: Fuck You  
Chloe DuBois, Systemic Tension  
Chloe DuBois, Agitated Potential 
Darlene DeVita, Be Here Now Havana Cuba 
Darlene DeVita, Cambodia 2017 
Anna C Curtin, Technicolor Rain   
Marie Craig, Beijing Archway 3   
Gay Cox, Psalm 56  
Gay Cox, Psalm 143:3 4 6 
Christine Comeau, Rituels   
Christine Comeau, Mutations/Rituels
Christine Comeau, Mutations  
Christine Comeau, Inventer le pays  
Yvonne Cilia, Let Me Walk With You 
Ben Carroll, Seat Taken  
Joe Carpineto, Walk-about  
patricia burson, House #55 
Karen Burgess, Terracotta Trooper   
Karen Burgess, Treeform 2   
Karen Burgess, Digital Cowboy
Maggi Brown, The Disconnect   
Maggi Brown, Red Glow 
Jan Brandt, Detail  Happy Contagion 
Jan Brandt, Art Baby 
Jan Brandt, Happy Contagion  
Ryan Bouchard, Untitled  
Jo-Ann Boback, Audacious 
William Bloomfield, Untitled4 
John Blom, The Loop 
Markus Blaus, Chicago Shower  
Markus Blaus, Pompei Charlie  
Lois Bennett, Complicated Spirit   
David R  Banta, Umbrella Lady
Manss Aval, Fifth Dimension  
Stephanie Arnett, Shine  
Stephanie Arnett, Puppeteers 
Stephanie Arnett, Native Structures 4244.8
Jelena, Abstract blue  Sea and the sky
Jelena Antic,  Will You Follow? IV 
Anne Anicet. Linhas à Mostra 6  
Anne Anicet. Linhas à Mostra 3 
Julie Angela Theresa, Nope 
Julie Angela Theresa, Paint Me 
Nancy Anderson, Portrait of a Jack Russell 
Nancy Anderson, Hydrocodone 
Jessica Andersen, Quick  Act Happy! Paint
B Amore, Canterbury Pilgrims 
B Amore, Tree of Life detail 
Dorette Amell, More Alike than Not Alike 
Sara Amato-Gentric,
The kiss


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