The Biennial Project Biennial 2022
at the Venice Biennale
Video Finalists

fly carving device
David Bowen

In this installation, one hundred live houseflies control a 5 axis CNC router as it carves a block of foam.

David Bowen

Thirteen disposable plastic shopping bags playfully dance in the gallery space articulated by wave data collected on a voyage across the Pacific Ocean.

Rysunek dz´wiekowy 5
Marcus Brown

Rysunek dz´wiekowy 5 by Marcus Brown Oil pastel on paper 30.48cm x 45.72 cm Mixed media Marcus Brown 2021 Electro-Sonic Painting process All sounds are produced using Marcus Brown’s sound producing sketchbook invention. Music by Marcus Brown

Touch The Black
Marcus Brown

Touch the Black is an interactive sound sculpture that deals with the issue of black genocide in America. Touch the Black is a cry for sonic reexamination into the public murders of Philando Castile, Geroge Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery.

Residual Vibrations
Dee Hood

Some people believe that conciousness doesn't end with death but continues on in another realm. I'd like to believe that's true. I imagine the slightest perceivable vibration as evidence of our continuing connection.

Slips & Lapses
Dee Hood

Sometimes we just need to escape

Crying a swimming pool
Hedwige Jacobs

Hand drawn animation

Hedwige Jacobs

Hand drawn animation

Hedwige Jacobs

Hand drawn animation

The Show Must Go On
My Linh Mac

Japanese Oirans are high-class women who sell their beauty, entertainment talents, and even body services from the Edo period. Despite the era gap, the similarities are striking as they are considered entrepreneurs in certain ways for investing money, time, and effort glamorizing themselves.

Martha Mccollough

?(x,y,z,t) on Lorentz Transformation
Reina Suyeon Mun

?(x, y, z, t) is an interactive interface made based on the concept of Lorentz Transformation. The ‘map’ of space-time is controlled by the sliders as positioned on all 4 sides of the interface. The sliders slide and represent the instantaneous reading of space-time of the current observer watching the projected footage.

Timeless Probe: On Einstein's Block Universe
Reina Suyeon Mun

Timeless Probe is an interactive device that embeds the narratives of Einstein’s Block Universe Theory. The design evolved from the reinterpretation of the object pendulum.Time is not a flowing entity. It is just like any other spatial entity. The t-coordinate the observer ends up in is determined by one’s interaction with the direct surrounding.

Mark Purves

Stonebox is a modern medieval device. The object sits between realms where haptic, physical experience are brought to mind by an object platonic in its perfection, ideal in its unpleasantness, and virtual in its existence.
For The Forest
Maria Villanueva">

For The Forest
Maria Villanueva

For the forest is an experimental video animation series created by combining site-specific photography and video of the Northeast landscape in the United States. The movement of the water running in small creeks and streams of the forests of rural New York is depicted through the blending of pixels with movement of the color of the seasons reflected in nature.

Ofrenda - a walking project
Maria Villanueva

Ofrenda is a single-channel video depicting a performative mark-making on land. I walked 50 miles to make paths on land.

Mommy's Princess
Durdija Vucinic

"Mommy's princess" is series of work which reflects on some of the most personal and unexpected rejection letters after few rounds of job interviews. Having successful professional music career as very young and switching to waitressing was a part of my identity until it wasn't. Letters are turned into subtitles detaching the narrative and the observer from the the collection of meaning.

Repetition of the Kitchen DW
Deborah Weinreb

The Repetition of the Kitchen has a nod to both Muybridge and his detailing of human dexterity and also to Martha Rosler - Semiotics of the Kitchen 1975, and the unsung recognition of relentless daily food preparation.

Lili White

If you’re reading this, you haven’t yet discovered the mystery of the big sleep. Wind is invisible: all we see are its results. Just like the sea, it can take you away. This was made in the years of the COVID pandemic; dedicated to my Father.
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