The Biennial Project Biennial 2024
at the Venice Biennale
Video Finalists

Press Repeat - Invisible Masks
Angela Hickey

These masks represent the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Jesus and the faceless man. They symbolise the beliefs, traditions and power structures that impact our everyday lives. These characters represent the religions, political parties and businesses which seek to write the scripts for our lives by governing our thoughts and beliefs. ??

Jesus Gets Blurry Sometimes
Barbara Revelle

lower lever belief suasion
Matthew Keller


A Blinding Flash live installation excerpt

Video of live multiple video and sound installation, with silkscreened cinder blocks, tiny TV's, glass rods, acrylic paint. Epileptic seizure as experience and as aesthetic component of art.

Barbara Revelle

Sleeping the Pain Away
Barbara Revelle

To face a surface is to surface a face
Bill Psarras

2423 is a video poetic gesture based on human hands as a metaphor both of separation and meeting, of burial, excavation and reconstruction. The performance focuses on the process of reveal: its time, its materials, the change of state, the fissure as knowledge and the fracture as evolution. The gestural threshold reveals both a farewell and meeting.

jeanne wilkinson

In my Brooklyn studio, my Cloud Tunnel is formed using two projectors, two translucent scrims and two image streams. In “Earthlings” one stream is animals, using my paintings and drawings; one is environments. People enter between the scrims to explore and interact as the imagery flows around and on them—in this way they become part of the dream.
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