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Life can be so hard, especially for us artistic types. No one outside of our fellow artists really "gets" us.

How many times have you had the experience of attempting in vain to explain to one court-ordered therapist or another just why we insist on living this way? Always broke, just barely hanging on to jobs we could do in our sleep if we were actually paying even a little bit of attention, continually disappointing the parents who saw such promise in us before our proclivities became known, limiting the pool of potential partners to fellow nut-jobs who could tolerate such a life.

How to explain ourselves to people who were busy listening to the teacher while we lost ourselves in the patterns the rain was making on the window?

Who are we to go to when we need answers to important life questions in an atmosphere free of the shaming so common in the straight word?

Until now the bartenders and dealers of the world were really our only good options in this area, but they weren't always available when we most needed them.

And anyway, only other artists completely understand how we are wired. That's why there is such a profound need for an artist-run advice column - organized by artists for artists.

And who better to answer your questions on important life issues than the internationally renowned artists of The Biennial Project, who have consistently demonstrated such a respectful and sensitive approach to complex cultural questions?

What a fantastic example of this bright new sharing economy - you need opinions, we have more than we need, so we share with you!

Welcome to Ask The Biennial Project, a unique opportunity for today's working artists to solicit advice on matter of the head, heart, and other organs.

So send us those questions now:


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