Advice on Getting Into Biennials


As our many fans know, The Biennial Project was launched with the goal of figuring out how to get our work shown in one of those Super-Prestigious-Career-Making-Upper-Level Biennial Exhibits. We decided to go directly to the source and ask Successful Artists how they had managed it. So we sent thoughtful individual emails to all the artists who had shown in the Whitney Biennial or the Venice Biennale asking for their advice. The thoughtful individual emails went like this -

Dear ____________, We loved your work at the ___________ Biennial. We are an artists collaborative with the goal of being included in the next ____________ Biennial. Our group is interested in your unique insights regarding the selection process. How do we get in?
The Biennial Project

Knowing that Successful Artists are known for being selfless folks who are always interested in helping out other artists, we expected a high level of response. But the results exceeded even our expectations! The better to share the useful information we have gleaned from our new Famous Friends, we have reproduced some of the most useful tidbits here. Now, although The Biennial Project is known for having a good sense of humor and a well-developed creative side, all these email conversations are represented 100% as written, by each artist who we credit here – NOT EVEN WE COULD MAKE THIS SHIT UP!