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August 2019

Reading Our Petition

April 2019

The Biennial Project Wins the War - by amazing artists Barbara Jo Revelle and Katherine Sweetman!

May 2018

Squeegee Punks Spotlight Neighborhood Gentrification

May 2016

Fung Wa Interview

May 2015

Doppelgänger: Eric and Anna as Eva and Adele

May 2015

Worcester Biennial Blues

July 2014

Why do They Hate Us So?

March 2014

7 Things Stolen from 2014WB

April 2013

Doctoral Thesis on Why The Biennial Project Matters
Winners of ArtVenice Biennale 3
Accepted Artists of ArtVenice Biennale 3
Winners of Boston Biennial 3
AHFI Culture Desk
Shame, for shame, hanging with TBP
Biennial Roadshow Marfa Participating Artists
Biennial Roadshow Marfa Winners
Star of Venice Perfume Ad
You've got to be in it to win it:
Bo Petran is the Most Interesting Man in the World! He would not be afraid to show his performative side...if he had one.
Love ME Love My Work
Presented by Mitchel Ahern in conjunction with The Biennial Projects grand Opening reception for Bizarre Artist Happenings.
Bizarre Artist Happenings - The Commercial The Biennial Project Garners World-Wide Support!
The SuperSuckLordInterview The Biennial Project Interviews the Super Sucklord!
The King of Art takes on The Biennial Project - Take 2 The King of Art takes on The Biennial Project - Take 2
The Biennial Project Running of the Butts at the 2011 Venice Biennale. You think that nothing that The Biennial Project is willing to do to get attention will shock you? Think again.
Not another Boring Still Life The Biennial Project Searches for it's Painting (and Brings You the South End Open Studios)

The Biennial Project Silences the Critics! What every artist has always dreamed of!

The Biennial Project Hurricane Irene Update. The Biennial Project risks life and limb to keep you informed....

Closing Party for The 53rd Venice Biennale

12 Questions about the Biennial Project

Naked can see anytime. Witness the phenomenon that is sweeping the art world! Here it is - what critics are calling nothing less than the future of post-modernism.

Origins of Greatness - The Genesis of the Biennial Project

Ever wonder about the secret to art world success? Well, so did the talented artists who make up the Biennial Project, until they decided to team up and take the art world by storm.

The Biennial Project at the Decordova 2010 Biennial

In-depth and thought-provoking interviews with many Famous Artists and Important People including William Pope L.
Check out the footage!

The 2009 Boston Biennial

Brought to you by The Biennial Project - see the work, and hear interviews with the artists at the fabulously successful innaugural Boston Biennial

The Biennial Project Saving Lives in San Marcos Square

Follow The Biennial Project as we take our campaign against H1N1 and other evil-doing microbes to San Marcos Square - Venice, Italy.

How to Avoid the Swine Flu

Another important public health initiative brought to you by the biennial project. Here the avant-guard artists of the art collective known as the biennial project use their visablity within boston's art scene to help the art-loving public stay safe from the newest global menace of the swine flu.

The Biennial Project at the 2010 Whitney Biennial - a Moment of Reflection

Another wildly successful day at the 2010 Whitney Biennial - giving lovely Biennial Project gift baskets to our friends the curators - Francesco and Gary, having photos taken with Gary..