What the Public is Saying about the Biennial Project


" Conscious of artistic tradition, but also irreverent and full of attitude, The Biennial Project shows that sometimes it’s best to dismantle the establishment from within. "
The Weekly Dig  

" Our favorite part about [the Biennial Project] is how it’s sense of humor serves as cultural commentary. "
Boston Metro  

" Finally someone dares to stand before the alter of the modern art establishment and ask the obvious question – ‘Why not us?’ "
Dr. Catherine Carr, Professor  

" The Biennial Project is willing to take on the fatuous self-satisfaction, rampant consumerism, and circular self-promotion that is at the core of today’s art world. "
Zaragoza Guerra, Venture Capitalist and Art Collector  

" The Biennial Project addresses several of the core questions confronting artists and their supporters at this historical juncture. "
Douglas Gregrory Blankinship, Esquire, Legal Art Consultant  

" I have seen the future of post modernism, and it is the Biennial Project. "
Michael St Germain, Art Dealer and Critic  

" An elegantly simple and sublime formulation which gives rise to infinite possibilities. "
Paul Kenneth Weiner, Visual Artist and Curator  

" The Biennial Project captures the visual language and internal logic of our celebrity obsessed culture with remarkable prescience. "
Peter Pizzi, Award-Winning Filmmaker  

" The Biennial Project manages to be simultaneously hilarious and achingly thought-provoking. "
Melissa Kulig, Art Educator  

" An exhilarating achievement… storms the barricades of art world pretension and arbitrariness… I can’t wait to see where they go with this. "
Anthony Giacalone Jr., Gallery Owner  

" My money’s on the Biennial Project. "
Charles Thone, former Governor of Nebraska and Art Collector