Send an Artist to Venice (Italy)

Support a group of local East Boston Artists in their efforts to gain greater recognition for their art at the national and international level. Help fund an East Boston Artist Delegation to the 2009 Venice, Italy Biennale Art Exhibit – the oldest and most prestigious art show IN THE WORLD.

The group will attend the exhibits as ambassadors from East Boston and will endeavor to show their art to the important curators and organizers of this event, as well as meet internationally famous exhibiting artists who can give valuable insights into the process of succeeding at the top levels.

This will serve to showcase the burgeoning East Boston ‘art scene’ to the very center of the modern art world, in a country renowned for producing centuries of the world’s most magnificent art works.

The delegation will also extensively document the trip by means of photo, video, and writing, and will share their findings with the wider ‘East Boston arts community’ in a large public forum after the trip which will be free and open to all.

Our first delegation fund-raiser will be a raffle – tickets to be sold and winner drawn at the opening on November 6th of Season One of the Biennial Project at Atlantic Works Gallery. Winners will enjoy wonderful prizes from Santarpio’s Pizza, Kelley’s Pub, Rino’s Place, La Hacienda, Saigon Hut, Angela’s, Kappy’s Liquors, AND MANY MORE! Don’t miss it!