The Biennial Project Biennial 2019
at the Venice Biennale



The Biennial Project presents an open call to artists worldwide for The Biennial Project Biennial 2019 - an online juried biennial, with accepted work to be displayed on our website. In addition, all accepted work will be shown via a large screen digital presentation at a champagne reception to be held at the CENTRO CULTURALE DON ORIONE ARTIGIANELLI in Venice during the Opening Press Week of The Venice Biennale 58.

Reasons To Enter The Project Biennial 2019:

- Accepted work will be displayed permanently on the very busy Biennial Project Website.
- Accepted work will also be shown on a large screen digital presentation in Venice during the Opening Week of The Venice Biennale 58.
- Online galleries with accepted work will be promoted on The Biennial Project Blog posting reaching over 40,000 art lovers.
- Work will be juried by The world renowned Biennial Project Artists, with Special Prize Winners chosen by by jurors to be announced.
- Hundreds of entries are highlighted on our well- trafficked social media sites during the months leading up to the entry deadline.

Now we know that artists love to wait until the last possible moment to respond to calls for entry. But there are great reasons to break from this time-honored tradition.

Reasons to enter The Biennial Project Biennial 2019 now:

- You will have a much better chance of having your work promoted as part of the publicity for The Biennial Project Biennial 2019.
- We feature an entry of the day every day during the entire entry period - sending a chosen image out on Facebook to our following of over 5,000 people - and linking to the entrant's website or facebook page.
- Additionally, we send out Entry Sampler Email Blasts several times during the lead up to the contest, highlighting some of the most interesting work that we have received.
- Near the end of the entry period we are swamped with the number of replies, whereas until then the pace of entries is less frenzied - greatly increasing your chances of being included in one of these publicity vehicles.
- Not to mention that your image could be selected to appear on a postcard or a poster for The Biennial Project Biennial 2019.

So while we don’t guarantee you instant fame and fortune, you do get a heck of a lot of lot of promotion work for your buck. ENTER NOW, we can’t wait to see your work!

So download our prospectus and enter now! See the impressive entries from our latest contests. Do it!



Contest Entry Deadline: 12pm EST March 15, 2019

To enter The Biennial Project Biennial 2019:

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2. Login:

Once registered, return here to login to contest and enter art. You can stop and start entry process at anytime by returning to this login.

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