The Biennial Project Biennial 2022
at the Venice Biennale
Prize Winners


Grand Prize Winners

David Bowen

Tom Estes

Julia Ueberreiter

Juror's Choice

Nikyra Capson

Christiaan Diedericks

Susan Dietrich

Deb Dila

Sigrid Ehemann

Dee Hood

Laura Krasnow

Gaya Lastovjak

Anna Novakov

Mark Purves

Vladimir Tsvetkov

Maria Villanueva

Juror - Marjorie Kaye

Marjorie Kaye

Marjorie Kaye

Marjorie Kaye

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When I am looking for the works submitted that stand out, I am responding visually, taken in by effects, lighting, originality, aesthetics, and/or conceptual content. If I can't take my eyes off a piece, if it makes me laugh, if it smacks of irony, if it is astoundingly beautiful; those are the qualities I am looking for when jurying. It was a pleasure, and very difficult to make my final selection, as there is so much compelling work presented in this year's Biennial Project Venice Biennale. Congratulations to all of the exhibiting artists!