Boston Biennial 4 - Finalist Video Gallery

The Chatting Room
vita eruhimovitz

This work is a physical world embodiment of an online chat-room. The robotic sculptures - use speech modules and artificial intelligence software to interact with people and between themselves. When visitors enter the room, the bots feel their presence and start a conversation. As viewers walk further they invoke multiple conversations. Eventually the entire room is chatting.

Projection Intérieur Projection
Marten Berkman and Baptiste Bohelay

Interactive stereo 3D video installation: recording of viewers being reflected as particles among remote subarctic landscapes, and among the materials we extract from them. After clicking PLAY, you will have 3D options by clicking on the settings tab (cog). Use 2D for projection. Use full interactive 3D projection/display for gallery installation. In action:

Journey Video #1
David A Lang

I love it when a day starts out with more things working than not ! I am intrigued by the photo luminescent sense that this work presents. It has a feeling passing through eternity . .

Journey Video #2
David A Lang

All together now, one, two, three . .

Vagina Dialog_Love Is More Important Than Sex
Susanne Buckler

I ask women a series of personal questions, which include, “Which are your favored parts of your body? I then begin to photograph them and feature those parts in a series of deconstructed portraits. Allowing them to choose what it is about themselves that is photographed and ultimately shown to the world

Women's Script
Furen Dai

A secret woman language originated from Hunan Province, China

Message Through Generation
Furen Dai

Mother is teaching daughter the contents from the book Commandments for Women.

Business as Usual
Carla Della Beffa

Business as Usual aims to show what's behind the scenes, when we think about money and jobs. There is a hidden economic network that connects all people around the world. Original music by Francesco Zago

Lior Neiger

Round N Round meditates on the connections between different circles around the globe, from natural ones to ones created by humans. The many cultures/countries represented in different types of circles, create a visual infusion that like the globe itself, turns and turns. The question, WHY is left unanswered.

Communing with Silence in the Church of the Desert Pt. 1
Greg Lookerse

This piece is the first in a series of video documentation of small performances that explore silence and contemplation of time.

Break and Remake
martha mccollough

Fugue: Forget You
martha mccollough

Miss flora looks in her mirror
martha mccollough

Solar Wind
gloria merritt

Solar Wind, the moving painting, is based on the original digital painting of the same name that is a study in color compliments, and inspired an artistic extension of the theory of waves and particles. The background sound is recorded live under the blue full moon (2015) at the top of Garvin Hill in Vermont. The sound of the wind in the trees is similar to the recorded sound of space.

Parades in A Minor
Rebecca Morrison

HD video, color, sound. Runtime: 03:39. Observational video exploring American public gatherings and social rituals. From the series "Video Quartet."

Anne Murray

Araf is about the borderland, the space where anything can happen. It was created in the Cappadocia region of Turkey.

Anne Murray

Kunningi is about getting to know something or someone, it is about falling in love with a phenomenon.

Painting and Video Installation
Lior Neiger

Aim TV offers a bird’s-eye tour of politically charged places in the world (recorded from Google Earth). Crosshairs superimposed on the urban and rural landscapes disturb the pastoral aerial glide and serve as a constant reminder of the potential and most frequent use of this technology.

Self Portrait of a Muslim Woman: An Experimental Film
Ozlem Ayse Ozgur

The metaphor is the capturing the experience of time and memory in matter, in flowing image and in sound all at once to mimic the experience of departure and arrival.The film is projected on my Yarn Self Portrait.

Charlene Liska

Video projection, approximately 4 feet wide.

variations (in black and white)
dennis miller

variations is a series of short works that explores a variety of transformations of a single original source animation, much of which was hand drawn. The music provides an affective partner to the imagery.

R.G.B: 3 Chromatic Studies
dennis miller

R.G.B. is a series of three works, each of which explores a different simulation of natural phenomena (fluid dynamics and particle systems) interpreted in a fine-art context. The music adds an affective layer to the imagery.
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